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Shipping Sacks

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Shipping Sacks for Retail


Custom designed shipping sacks with high ink coverage and superior print quality so they always look great on the shelves. We can print edge-to-edge and can tailor bags with a wide variety of options, such as seal type (open mouth, side weld, or bottom seal), lamination, UV lacquer, and more.

Shipping Sacks for Compressed Goods


One of our specialties is producing shipping sacks for compressed goods such as insulation, fertilizer, and wood shavings. These products can include a range of seal types (bottom seals or corner sales) and form types (FFS, tubing, or gusset tubing) and can accommodate repeat lengths of up to 72″.

Valve Bags


Our LaValve™ bag offers the end users and co-packers an uniquely designed bag with a slef clsing valve which helps reduces leakage. The LaValve™ bag is manufactured using a multi-ply structure with special venting to improve filling and pallet stability. LaValve™ bags provides all the advantages of a plastic bag in terms of toughness and for batch inclusion application.

Industrial Bags

Sealmax, ProTube, LaValve

We produce custom industrial bags suitable for a broad range of markets, such as wood pellets, fertilizers, resins, chemicals, powders, and aggregates. these bags are durable, with heavy gauges and a wide range of closure types (side weld, skirt seal, bottom seal, and valve bags).

Other product categories


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